Accounting reports v2.2

Version 2.2 of Catch's accounting reports, the default version of the reports we send to partners effective 1/1/24, includes the following changes:

  • We've added the new Catch Fees CSV ("catch_fees.csv") to provide more detail on how Catch calculates the Catch Fees associated with each record in the reports.
  • The Summary CSV now includes a Beginning of Period Outstanding Balance so that you can more easily compare your beginning and end of period balances.
  • Merchant and Platform Transaction ID are entered at the beginning of new rows of data so that you can more easily match the Catch-provided data to your own internal data.
  • Shopify merchants will now see the value for the Shopify Order ID in the Platform Transaction ID field.

We changed the ordering for the following columns in the following CSVs:

  • Transactions CSV
    • Platform Transaction ID
      • This is the Shopify Order ID for Shopify merchants and is empty for non-Shopify merchants.
    • Related Merchant Transaction ID
  • Settlement Events
    • Merchant Transaction ID
    • Platform Transaction ID
  • Transaction Adjustments
    • Merchant Transaction ID
    • Platform Transaction ID
  • Reward Events
    • Triggering Transaction ID
    • Merchant Transaction ID
    • Merchant User ID

We recommend that you review our example reports for more information.