Integration components

Catch provides both marketing and payments services through these resources:

  • Marketing tools to help merchants effectively promote Catch to their customers,
  • Catch.js, our JavaScript SDK, to make it easy to launch and maintain a Catch integration, and
  • Transactions APIs to process orders whenever consumers choose to pay via Catch.

Consumer journey

By integrating with Catch, merchants can offer customers a modern experience for paying by bank and earning or redeeming loyalty rewards:

  1. The consumer sees Catch marketing on a merchant’s ecommerce site and can engage with it to learn more about the value proposition of your partnership with Catch.
  2. The consumer adds items to their cart and proceeds to checkout. For optimal performance, Catch should be featured on each consecutive step of the user experience after it's introduced.
  3. On the checkout page, the consumer can select Catch as their form of payment.
  4. The consumer provides all normally required checkout-related information to the merchant's frontend (e.g., contact information, billing address, etc.) and clicks to complete their order.


Exclude Catch as a payment method on ineligible orders

At this stage, your storefront should ensure that the customer can only proceed with a Catch checkout if their order is eligible for Catch.

Be mindful of these eligibility considerations:

  • Carts may not contain Catch-ineligible items (e.g., gift cards).
  • Order total should be less than $5,000.
  • Currently, Catch only supports US bank accounts.
  1. Catch opens a hosted payment experience in which the consumer authenticates to Catch and confirms the bank information Catch should use to transfer the funds for the order to the merchant.
  2. Catch confirms the consumer’s request, and the consumer is sent to the merchant’s standard order confirmation page with Catch noted as the payment method.
  3. Once the merchant confirms the purchase, Catch transfers the funds from the consumer’s bank account, and Catch assigns rewards credits to the consumer’s Catch account. By default, these credits are specific to future purchases on this merchant’s site and are automatically applied the next time that consumer (or someone they gift the credits to) pays with Catch on that site.