Setting up an automation on Shopify flow to tag orders paid with Catch



What we show here doesn't backfill the tag to all previous orders placed with Catch; it does so for future orders.

  1. Start by creating a customer tag. Click on ORDERS in Shopify.

  2. Select any order and scroll to the bottom where you will find Tags

  1. Click Manage and there you will have the option to create a new tag

  2. Create a workflow in Shopify Flow to tag orders paid with Catch. Sample logic provided below:

  1. Save and apply Catch tag as a filter under the ORDERS Section in Shopify
  1. Finally, follow the same steps as above, this time adding 1 additional rule so that number of orders is equal to 1 - which will provide you with net new customers that paid with Catch

By tagging both new users and Catch users you will have visibility into All Catch processed orders.