Key integration steps to market your Catch partnership to consumers.

Catch provides robust marketing tools to foster customer engagement and loyalty. Merchants can take advantage of these tools in order to grow their customer base and to build deeper relationships with their customers over time.

Set up Catch campaigns tied to marketing initiatives

Catch allows you to offer different rewards to consumers based on a number of factors, including properties of the consumer (user cohorts, such as the consumer's membership status in your loyalty program) and properties of their session (such as whether or not you're running a time-bound campaign with elevated rewards rates).

Your account team at Catch will configure your account so that different rewards will be triggered based on the context of a given interaction with a consumer.

Add Catch marketing content to your site

Load Catch.js, our JavaScript SDK, and use it to add UI Widgets to the site. At a minimum, Catch recommends adding our UI Widgets to the Product Detail Page and every subsequent step of the customer journey.

Call-to-action personalization
Whenever possible, Catch personalizes marketing messaging to suit the circumstances of each customer:

ScenarioPersonalized Catch Callout?
Returning Catch user views a Callout on a supported browser[1] on which they have logged into Catch (e.g., gone through part or all of Catch's checkout flow) and have not since cleared their cookies and website data.Yes
New-to-Catch user views a Callout on any browser.No
Returning Catch user views a Callout on a browser on which they haven't logged into Catch.No

[1] In particular, the browser must support the Web Storage API's localstorage functionality. Cookieless browsing modes aren't supported.

Personalize offsite marketing with Catch rewards data

Catch can provide merchant partners with user-level data on outstanding rewards, helping merchants augment offsite marketing with calls-to-action that include the specific rewards amount(s) that each of their customers has available to spend.

Catch can programmatically send this data to marketing platforms that our merchant partners use. For an example of how this kind of integration works, see Catch's Klaviyo integration documentation.