Key integration steps to allow consumers to pay with Catch.

Initiate a Catch checkout

  • If you haven't done so already, validate the SKUs in the cart to ensure that the customer can only proceed with a Catch checkout if their cart does not contain Catch-ineligible items (e.g., gift cards).
  • When the consumer clicks to complete their order with Catch selected as their payment method, make a server-side request to Catch’s POST Checkout endpoint. Catch responds with a Checkout ID that uniquely identifies the consumer’s Catch payment session.
  • Use Catch.js to open a payment session. The consumer interact with Catch to confirm their payment, and then Catch returns control to the merchant’s site.

Confirm the order


Create a Purchase before confirming the order

Ensure that you successfully create a Purchase before rendering the order confirmation page to the consumer.

Call the POST Purchase endpoint with the Checkout ID that Catch provided in the POST Checkout response. Obtain the Purchase ID from the response and store it for order management, accounting, and consumer support purposes.

Manage the order's post-purchase status

For successfully created Purchases, Catch will handle transferring funds from the consumer to the merchant as well as granting rewards credits to the consumer. The gross order total (prior to any credit redemptions) should be stored for the purposes of order management.

To partially or fully refund a Purchase, make a request to the POST Refund endpoint. Refund requests should use the gross order total and should not consider any applied rewards. Catch will handle all reward considerations when processing a refund.


Catch requires that the requestor specify the amount to be refunded as well as the items to be refunded. We require the latter because some items may be associated with different rewards policies (e.g., the merchant issues 5% credit on purchases of SKU 1 versus 10% credit on SKU 2).

Transactional communications integration

See our transaction communications integration documentation for details on this component of the integration.

Accounting integration

  • Catch provides merchants with regular reports on transactions that we have processed and the corresponding merchant settlements in order to handle the accounting of transactions and Catch rewards.
  • Ensure that the ecommerce platform provides the Purchase ID, Merchant Checkout ID, and any Refund IDs to downstream systems used for accounting and reconciliation.

Customer support data integration

As with accounting, ensure that the ecommerce platform provides the Purchase ID, Merchant Checkout ID, and any Refund IDs to the systems you use for customer support.