Data formats

Format nameDescriptionExample value
datetimeURL-encoded UTC ISO string2021-04-17T19:23:26.909989+00:00
amount_dictJSON dictionary with two child fields:
- amount: an integer value.
- currency: a string representation of the amount's denomination.
{{"amount": { "amount": 1, "currency": "USD" }}
dictJSON dictionary"settlements": [{...},{...}]
integerJSON integer4
stringJSON stringpurchase
booleanJSON booleantrue


Details of nested parameters will be documented in a separate, linked table on the same page.

For example, the representation below shows that the parameters amount and currency are nested within the Price object, which is nested within the Items Array.

Example Parent Parameter

Parameter nameNecessityFormatDescription
onerequiredstring (ISO 4217)Example description
tworequiredobjectExample description for object with nested values found in the secondary table below.
threerequiredintegerExample description

Example Child Parameter

Parameter nameNecessityFormatDescription
child_alpharequiredintegerExample description
child_betaoptionalstring (ISO 4217)Example description