Catch provides a Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) cartridge to help merchants add Catch to their storefronts quickly and easily. Cartridge files can be provided upon request. Please contact your Catch contact for more information.

Integration Overview

  1. For SFRA integrations:
    1. SFRA: Business Manager Setup
    2. SFRA: Changes in Scripts, Templates, Client Script
  2. For SiteGenesis integrations:
    1. SiteGenesis: Business Manager Setup
    2. SiteGenesis: Changes in Controllers, Templates, Resources
  3. SFCC Configuration for Catch
  4. Integrate directly with Catch's POST Refund endpoint to enable Catch refunds

Component Overview

Functional Overview

The Catch cartridge enables customers to select the Catch payment method at checkout and complete a purchase via Catch.

Limitations, Constraints

  1. Use of the Catch cartridge requires credentials and API keys from Catch. Please contact your Catch contact for credentials. See also: Authentication & Catch Environments
  2. Currently, Catch only supports US bank accounts and purchases using USD.
  3. Catch does not support the purchasing of gift cards.


The cartridge is designed for Salesforce Commerce Cloud API version 21.10 (Compatibility Mode: 21.7) with SG version 105.2.0. The cartridge is designed with US locale but multi-locale and US currency support.

Privacy, Payment

The Catch cartridge collects and processes user profile information or billing information. For additional privacy information, please contact your Catch contact.