Catch: Attentive User Properties

Catch uses Attentive’s Custom Attributes API to send custom Catch-related properties about a user. We send the properties CatchCreditAmount and CatchCreditExpiration:

   "properties": {
       "CatchCreditAmount": 3333,
       "CatchCreditExpiration": "2022-01-13"
   "user": { 
       "phone": "+14155551234",
       "email": "[email protected]"

You may leverage the segment capability and filter by these custom attributes to send campaigns to users who have and have not used Catch. The CatchCreditAmount and CatchCreditExpiration values will be updated every time a user's credit is earned, expired, or redeemed.

Attribute Details: CatchCreditAmount

CatchCreditAmount reflects the amount of Catch credits a user has in cents (thus represented as an integer).

Attribute Details: CatchCreditExpiration

CatchCreditExpiration reflects the expiration date of the Catch credits and is in the format of "%Y-%m-%d". This date is the last full day the user will be able to use their credits. For rewards that do not have an expiration, we set the expiration to an arbitrary date in the past, specifically 1970-01-01. The user’s phone number is used as the unique identifier in the phone field in the user object.

User Management

Attentive does not allow deletion or nullification of these fields via a public API key. If the user has deleted their Catch account, the value of the CatchCreditAmount and CatchCreditExpiration fields will be set to the sentinel value of deleted_user.

Generate an Attentive API Key for Catch

To get started with Catch data in Attentive, Catch will need an API key linked to your Attentive account. You can generate this API key in less than 5 minutes via your Attentive Dashboard.

In your Attentive dashboard, navigate to the App Marketplace by choosing "Marketplace" from the left sidebar:


In the upper right corner for the App Marketplace, click "Create App":


Use the "Create App" form to create a Catch app with the following field values:

App nameCatch
Contact email[email protected]
Custom AttributesWrite
Custom EventsNo Access
eCommerceNo Access
Privacy RequestNo Access
Product CatalogNo Access
SubscribersNo Access

Click "Create" and you will see a "Copy API key" pop up. Please share this key with Catch. No further setup in the Attentive Custom App is required.