Retrieve information about a Purchase.

Returns information about a given Catch Purchase.


GET https://<environment><purchase_id>

Variable nameDescriptionPossible values
<environment>The Catch environment in which you’re making the request.See Authentication.
<purchase_id>The Catch-provided unique identifier for a given purchase.See POST Purchase where the id (string) gets created.



Success Response

Transaction identifiers

Parameter nameFormatDescription
idstringCatch-provided unique identifier for a given purchase.
checkout_idstringThe checkout ID that the merchant received in response to the 'create checkout' request

*Refunds ID list

refund_idstringCatch-provided unique identifier for a particular refund request
  "id": "pur-c978f2d6-e8a7-42e3-a323-b0f11064706c",
  "checkout_id": "ch-49b03b7d-6bfd-4286-9afb-7f51a8f39491",
  "refunds_ids": [