Retrieve information about a Checkout.

Returns information about a given Catch Checkout.


GET https://<environment><checkout_id>

Variable nameDescriptionPossible values
<environment>The Catch environment in which you’re making the request.See Authentication.
<checkout_id>The checkout ID that the merchant received in response to the POST Checkout request.See POST Checkout where the id (string) gets created.



Success Response

Transaction identifiers

idstringThe ID of the checkout that is being returned.
merchant_checkout_idstringThe ID of this checkout in the merchant's system which Catch will store for shared accounting purposes.
purchase_idstringThe ID of the purchase that was created from this checkout. Will be null if the checkout was never completed.

Amounts object

totalinteger (in cents)The total amount to charge the buyer after all promotions, discounts, and fees are applied.
subtotalinteger (in cents)The subtotal that should be displayed to the consumer.
taxinteger (in cents)The amount of tax on the order.
shippinginteger (in cents)The amount of shipping cost on the order.
discount_totalinteger (in cents)The discount total that should be displayed to the consumer. Should be 0 if checkout does not have a discount amount.
currencystring (in ISO_4217 format)The currency in which the amounts are represented.
  "id": "ch-49b03b7d-6bfd-4286-9afb-7f51a8f39491",