The transaction adjustments CSV is a list of events that impacted net transaction amounts that occurred in the reporting period and their amounts.

Transaction adjustment types

There is currently only one transaction adjustment type. This list may expand in the future.

Adjustment TypeDescription
transferred_reward_refund_reductionA reward was granted, transferred to a new user, then canceled. This value is deducted from the refund that caused the rewards to be canceled.


Column NameDescriptionReport Version
Catch Transaction IDCatch’s internal unique identifier for the related transactionv2.0+
Adjustment TypeThe reason the transaction adjustment occurred. This value will be one of the values from the “Transaction Adjustment Types” section abovev2.0+
Adjustment AmountThe amount the Net Transaction Amount is adjusted by from this event.v2.0+
Transaction TypeThe type of the transaction (either purchase or refund)v2.0+
Merchant IDCatch identifier for brand; This can be used to distinguish between brand reports when managing multiple Catch integrated brands.v2.1+