Catch uses Klaviyo to send custom Catch-related properties related to a given consumer, identified by email, to help merchants enrich SMS and e-mail marketing.

Klaviyo is an email and SMS marketing automation tool for merchants that turns detailed customer data into personalized campaigns and unique communication flows. We integrate with Klaviyo to help you leverage Catch custom properties and boost retention by identifying customers by their credit amount/expiration date.

Catch Klaviyo User Properties

Catch uses Klaviyo’s Identify API to send custom Catch-related properties associated with a given consumer, identified by email. Catch sends the properties CatchCreditAmount and CatchCreditExpiration.

As a merchant, you can create a date-property-triggered flow within Klaviyo in order to send reminder emails to shoppers before credits expire.

   "properties": {
       "$email": "[email protected]",
       "CatchCreditAmount": 3333,
       "CatchCreditExpiration": "2022-01-13 00:00:00"
  • $email represents a given consumer's email address and serves as their unique identifier.
  • CatchCreditAmount reflects the amount (in integer cents) of outstanding Catch credits the consumer currently holds.
  • CatchCreditExpiration reflects the expiration date of the Catch credits and follows the format %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S. This represents the last full day the user will be able to use their credits. For rewards that don't expire, Catch sets this value to the initial point in time of the Unix epoch, 1970-01-01.

Klaviyo Placed Order Metrics for Shopify merchants

For Shopify merchants that use Klaviyo's Placed Order Metric to send order confirmation emails (not the default setting in Shopify), Catch adds new attributes to your Shopify order data to account for changes to the order total that occur when consumers redeem Catch credits during checkout.

Klaviyo has access to these note attributes through event.extra, and Catch recommends that you integrate these attributes with Klaviyo's Placed Order metric to ensure that order data is correct for orders paid with Catch.



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