Catch Fees CSV Description


The Catch Fees CSV lists the flat and rate-based fees that Catch charged you on purchases during the reporting period.

Catch Fee Types

There are several different types of Catch fees today, and the list is subject to change as Catch adds more services. The current list of possible types are described below.

Fee TypeDescription
redemptionThe fee that is charged when a user redeems Catch rewards.
fixed_transactionThe fixed fee that the merchant pays Catch for every purchase that is made.
processingThe fee that is charged for every purchase that Catch processes.

Catch Fee Structures

There are two different fee structures - flat and percentage. Percentage fees use a fee rate to calculate the fee from a reference amount, and flat fees have the same fee value regardless of the purchase amount.


Column NameDescription
Merchant Transaction IDThe ID the merchant provided to Catch for the transaction

Note: This value will only be populated if supplied by the merchant
Platform Transaction IDFor Shopify merchants, this will be the Shopify Order ID. For merchants not on Shopify, it will be empty.
Fee TypeThe type of the fee (either redemption, fixed_transaction, and processing).
Fee AmountThe total amount of the fee.
Fee StructureEither "flat", if the fee is a fixed amount, or "percentage", if the fee varies as a percentage of a reference amount.
Fee RateFor percentage fees, this is the rate at which the fee was assessed. For example, for a 5% fee this would show as 0.05
Reference AmountFor percentage fees, this is the amount on which the fee rate was applied.
Catch Fee IDCatch's unique internal identifier for the fee.
Net Redeemed RewardsThe impact reward redemptions had on the Net Transaction Amount.

A reward redemption would result in a negative value. A refund of a purchase on which credits were redeemed would result in a positive value.
Catch FeesThe total amount of Catch Fees charged for this transaction.
Catch Transaction ID Catch’s unique internal identifier for the transaction.
Merchant ID Catch’s unique internal identifier for the merchant.