Consumers who pay with Catch should be provided with transactional communications (e.g., order confirmation emails or SMS messages) that reflect that they used Catch as their payment method as well as standard financial information about their purchase, including how much they ultimately paid and if they redeemed any Catch credits in the process.

Catch provides data to help merchants communicate these elements of the order details clearly and accurately.

Order confirmation email integration

In order to accurately communicate order subtotals, merchants should update their order confirmation email templates whenever the consumer redeemed Catch credits as part of their order.

If you use Shopify, you may utilize the note attributes that Catch adds to orders paid with Catch. (See Catch Shopify order attributes for more details.)

Order cancellation and refund email integration

Catch handles management and communication of adjustments to Catch credits as a result of refunds on orders paid with Catch.

In order to ensure that consumers can clearly understand the financial details of their refund, you should:

  1. Ensure that Catch is indicated as the payment method in refund and cancelation email methods, if the order was paid with Catch.
  2. As in the confirmation email template, add a subtotal line-item showing the original amount of Catch credits redeemed on the order, if you already include other subtotal line-items in these templates.
  3. Add the following informational text near the top of the template so that the consumer is aware that Catch handles adjustments to Catch credits and can be contacted should they have questions on this topic: "Your refund amount may vary if you redeemed Catch credits on this purchase. Catch will send you an email with the amount you'll be refunded to your bank account."

Catch Shopify order attributes

If a consumer pays with Catch on a Shopify site and redeems Catch credits as part of that purchase, the consumer will pay less than Shopify's original order total. Unfortunately, Shopify currently provides no means to adjust the order total. To account for this, Catch attaches the following note attributes to the order:

  • catch_total_after_rewards: The total the user ended up paying (in cents) after Catch credits were redeemed. (If no Catch credits were redeemed, the value of this field will match Shopify's original order total.)
  • catch_applied_rewards: The credit amount (in cents) redeemed on this purchase. If Catch credits were redeemed on the order, this value will be the difference between the provided order total and catch_total_after_rewards. (If no Catch credits were redeemed, the value of this field will be 0.)
  • catch_earned_rewards: The amount of new Catch credits (in cents) that the consumer earned on this purchase.

Catch adds these three values to the event variable on the Placed Order metric, nested under extra.note_attributes.

For example, if the original order total was $50, and the consumer redeems $10 in Catch credits, catch_applied_rewards will be equal to 1000 cents, and catch_total_after_rewards will be equal to 4000 cents because the consumer ultimately paid $40.

    "extra": {
        "gateway": "Catch",
        "note_attributes": [
                "name": "catch_total_after_rewards",
                "value": "4000"
                "name": "catch_applied_rewards",
                "value": "1000"
                "name": "catch_earned_rewards",
                "value": "400"
        "total_price": "50.00",
    "$value": 50.00


Add conditional logic to only add Catch attributes when needed

These updates should only be applied if Catch was the payment gateway used to process the order and if the value of catch_applied_rewards for that order is greater than 0. Otherwise, the default email should be used.

Catch recommends modifying your order confirmation email template as shown in the example below:

  1. Insert the "Catch Credits Redeemed" line item above “Total", using catch_applied_rewards formatted in US dollars.
  2. Update the value for "Total" to equal catch_total_after_rewards.
  3. Add “Catch -- $127.00” in the bottom right corner, where "Total" is rendered a second time, again using the value of catch_total_after_rewards.