For Catch integrations on Shopify

Complete your account onboarding requirements

Prior to launch, you'll need to complete a few steps in order to provide Catch with information we are required to obtain from each of our customers.


Completing the onboarding requirements doesn't block your full integration, but you must complete these steps prior to launching with Catch on your live storefront.

  • Sign the commercial agreement between your company and Catch.

  • Complete the merchant onboarding form that Catch emails to your team.

    • Provide your Catch Partner Success contact with your bank account information and verify receipt of our micro-deposits in order to ensure that deposits work as expected.

    • Accept Catch’s Collaborator request so that your integration manager can verify that your integration ultimately gets implemented correctly and works as designed. Ensure that you enable the following Collaborator permission settings:


  • Orders
  • Edit Orders
  • Refund Orders
  • Draft Orders
  • Customers
  • Discounts
  • Manage and install apps and channels
  • Approve app charges

Online Store:

  • Themes


  • Manage settings
  • View apps developed by staff and collaborators
  • Develop apps
  • Enable app development


  • Manage other payment settings