Returns information about a particular Refund request.


GET https://<environment><refund_id>

Variable NameDescriptionPossible Values
<environment>The Catch environment in which you’re making the request.See Authentication.
<refund_id>The Catch-provided unique identifier for a given purchase.See POST Refund where the id (string) gets created.



Success Response

Transaction identifiers

Parameter NameFormatDescription
idstringCatch-provided unique identifier for the refund request.
purchase_idstringCatch-provided unique identifier for the purchase associated with the refund.

Refund Amount object

amountinteger (in cents)The total amount that was refunded.
currencystring (in ISO_4217 format)The currency in which the amounts are represented.
itemsarrayThe item(s) involved in the refund.

Items array

skustringThe SKU of the item.
quantitystringThe quantity of the item.
  "id": "rf-5gg07211-d426-48e9-91be-ddf30a534000",
  "purchase_id": "pur-08b5b818-7328-4a82-940a-e34659e5a1dd",
  "refund_amount": {
    "Amount": 1062000,
    "Currency": "USD",
    "Items": {