Catch is an ecommerce payments and marketing platform. On each purchase through Catch, customers earn credit from the merchant towards their next purchase. The credit can only be redeemed with that merchant. Catch typically also charges a per transaction fee on payments processed through Catch.

Catch provides merchants with regular reports on transactions that we have processed and corresponding merchant settlements. These reports provide information for our merchants to handle the accounting of transactions and Catch rewards.

Report components

Catch reports may include the following:

  • summary.csv: A summary of the information in the other reports. We recommend starting here and diving into the other more detailed reports as needed.
  • settlements.csv: A list of the settlements that Catch has sent
  • settlement_events.csv: A list of all component transactions of the settlements sent
  • transactions.csv: A list of all transactions that occurred in the report window
  • transaction_adjustments.csv: A list of all events that impacted net transaction amounts that occurred in the reporting period and their amounts.
  • reward_events.csv: A list of all events that occurred that impact merchant reward liability

Report delivery

Reports are sent via email with CSV attachments, and report frequency is based on preference. Merchants have the option of receiving reports in any combination of daily, weekly, or monthly frequencies. Reports are delivered at 12 PM UTC. Weekly reports are delivered on Monday mornings, while monthly reports are delivered on the morning of the first calendar day of the subsequent month. Report boundaries encompass complete UTC days. For example, a report for January 1st would include events that occurred from midnight (00:00:00) UTC January 1st to end-of-day (23:59:59) UTC January 1st.

Additional information

  • All amounts in these reports are in USD.
  • Throughout the reports, the sign of monetary balances are reported as inflows from a merchant perspective. This means that positive values indicate inflows and negative values indicate outflows. The “Outstanding Rewards” balance is reflected as a positive value that reflects the value of granted rewards which have not been redeemed. Transactions that reduce the “Outstanding Rewards” balance are represented as negative values (e.g., redemption of rewards for a purchase).
  • Merchant-funded rewards are not withdrawn from a consumer's account merely because they dispute a Catch transaction with their bank. Rather, their Catch account is frozen until/unless they drop the dispute; if they do so before their credits expire, they could still use them.