Create a confirmed Purchase paid with Catch.

When a purchase is confirmed in your internal systems, make a server-side request to Catch's POST Purchase endpoint. Catch responds with a Purchase ID that uniquely identifies the successful purchase, and includes data about rewards applied and earned.


POST https://<environment>

Variable nameDescriptionPossible values
<environment>The Catch environment in which you’re making the request.See Authentication.


Transaction identifiers

Parameter nameNecessityFormatDescription
checkout_idrequiredstringThe checkout ID that the merchant received in response to the 'create checkout' request
merchant_purchase_idrequiredstringThe ID of this purchase in the merchant's system which Catch will store for shared accounting purposes

Success Response

applied_rewardsinteger (in cents)The amount of previous rewards applied on this purchase.
checkout_idstringThe checkout ID that the merchant received in response to the create checkout request.
earned_rewardsinteger (in cents)The amount of new rewards earned on this purchase.
idstringCatch-provided unique identifier for a given purchase.
user_donation_amount_from_rewardinteger (in cents)The amount the consumer donated from rewards. Should be null if not applicable to merchant.
201 Created
  "applied_rewards": 772,
  "checkout_id": "ch-uefa83ed-5be3-43de-abbe-1d8b7a39abe5",
  "earned_rewards": 300003,
  "id": "pur-c978f2d6-e8a7-42e3-a323-b0f11064706c",
  "user_donation_amount_from_reward": null