The card transactions CSV is a list of transactions that occurred in the reporting period via the virtual debit card product. This includes both purchase and refunds.

Note, as above, that because Catch does not pull funds, the transactions in this CSV may be different from those in the settlement events CSV. For example, if a merchant carries a negative balance into the reporting period, we may include transactions from prior to the reporting period in the settlement events CSV but not here. If a merchant carries a negative balance out of the reporting window, we may include transactions here but not in the settlement events CSV.


Column NameDescriptionReport Version
Catch Transaction IDCatch’s unique internal identifier for the transactionv3.0+
TimestampThe timestamp when the transaction occurredv3.0+
Transaction TypeThe type of the transaction (either card_purchase or card_refund)v3.0+
Related Catch Order IDCatch's unique identifier for the order. This can be used to tie capture and refund events back to an order.v3.0+
Network Transaction IDThe ID provided through the card network for the given transaction.v3.0+
Card Number Last FourThe last four digits of the Catch card used for the transaction.v3.0+
Catch User IDCatch’s unique internal identifier for the user that created the transactionv3.0+
External AmountThe amount the merchant provided to Catch for the transaction. This amount is prior to any reward adjustments or fees.v3.0+
Net Redeemed RewardsThe impact reward redemptions had on the Net Transaction Amount.

A reward redemption would result in a negative value. A refund of a purchase on which credits were redeemed would result in a positive value.
Catch FeesThe total amount of Catch Fees charged for this transactionv3.0+
Transaction Adjustment AmountThe impact of transaction adjustments on the Net Transaction Amount.v3.0+
Net Billed AmountThe total costs from the transaction to be netted against the daily settlement. A negative amount is owed to Catch and a positive amount is owed to you.

Net Billed Amount = Net Redeemed Rewards + Catch Fees
Billed via SettlementTrue if the costs of the transactions are being netted against the daily settlement.v3.0+
Merchant IDCatch identifier for brand; This can be used to distinguish between brand reports when managing multiple Catch integrated brands.v3.0+