Catch uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request.

Failure Response (400)

400 Bad Request
  "message":"Gift card in cart."

Failure codes in the 4XX range indicate an error that occurred given the information provided.

Error TypeDescription
BAD_REQUEST_BODY_FORMAT"Request is invalid. Check data for specifics." message
- Data parameter that is also included will have the specifics of what fields are incorrect
INVALID_REQUESTCreate checkout
- "Gift card in cart." message
- “Currency {currency} is not supported." message
- “Order total above limit." message
- "Merchant not live." message
Create purchase
- "Unable to create purchase for checkout_id {checkout_id}. Error code: {description}.” message
Create refund
- "Unable to create refund for purchase_id {purchase_id}. Error code: {description}” message
- "Missing required public-key header." message
- "Missing required x-api-key header." message
- "Missing secret for public key {public_key}." message
- "Invalid secret for public key {public_key}." message
NOT_FOUNDWhatever resource in the request doesn’t exist or doesn’t match the associated private/public key pair.