How to understand the overall scope of integrating with Catch.


Catch is a marketing tool and payment method that allows consumers in the United States to pay for online purchases directly from their bank accounts and earn a minimum of rewards in store credit each time. By paying by bank, consumers can save merchants from credit or debit card processing fees that they normally pay credit card companies and their bank partners. Merchants can then pass savings on to consumers in the form of store credit to incentivize these customers to shop with them again.

Integration components overview

Catch integrations typically consist of the following elements:

  1. Adding Catch UI widgets to upfunnel screens prior to the checkout screen.
  2. Implementing Catch as a payment method at checkout.
  3. Adding Catch UI widgets to the order confirmation page.
  4. Implementing a means by which your and Catch's systems will synchronize refund events.
  5. Incorporating Catch's accounting reports into your financial operations.
  6. Personalizing your offsite marketing (e.g., SMS and email marketing campaigns) with the specific Catch credit amounts and associated expiration dates that each of your customers has.

Integration types

Catch offers the following integrations:

  1. Shopify
  2. Direct API
  3. Salesforce Commerce Cloud