Integration summary

Catch can provide the following two custom attributes per consumer within your Retention Science account:

catch_credits_availableinteger (in cents)This will be the total number of credits that the consumer currently has available to spend at the specific merchant.
This will be the expiration date of those credits (for example 2021-12-03). This represents the last full day the consumer will be able to use their credits.

You then will be able to view these custom attributes in your Retention Science dashboard in the following fashion:



If used in dynamic email content, please filter out consumers with 0 credits.

Implementation steps

  1. First, Catch will ask you to reach out to your Retention Science Account Manager (“AM”) and add two custom attributes to their account:
  • catch_credits_available (number), and
  • catch_credits_expiration (date)
  1. Using your public API key, whenever any reward changes, we will update the specific consumer using Retention Science’s user PATCH API with the following request:
   "email": "[email protected]",
   "custom_attributes": {
       "resci": {
           "catch_credits_available": 1000,
           "catch_credits_expiration": "2023-12-03"