Catch User Properties

Catch provides data that allows you to enrich your marketing communications. Specifically, Catch can provide you with continuously updated data on:

  • each consumer's amount of outstanding Catch credits, and
  • the most proximate expiration date among these credits.

You can use this information to incrementally personalize you marketing communications.

       "email": "[email protected]",
       "CatchCreditAmount": 3333,
       "CatchCreditExpiration": "2022-01-13"
  • email represents a given consumer's email address and serves as their unique identifier.
  • CatchCreditAmount reflects the amount (in integer cents) of outstanding Catch credits the consumer currently holds.
  • CatchCreditExpiration reflects the expiration date of the Catch credits and follows the format %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S. This represents the last full day the consumer will be able to use their credits. For rewards that don't expire, Catch sets this value to the initial point in time of the Unix epoch, 1970-01-01.

Setting up your integration

Please ask your Simon Data account manager to create an Inbound Webhook for Catch.